We are the agency that will help transform your business by creating a brand and nurturing it for strength and size.

We create meaningful experiences and can raise your brand new business from scratch, then equip it to succeed.

From insights and strategies to digital design, web and mobile development, we cover every aspect of digital marketing.

On and Off Site Optimization

We provide both on and off site search engine optimization. Your business name will organically grow in result pages.

Digital Marketing

Full digital marketing will be offered for every marketing package and includes a plethora of services to grow your business.

Website Creation & Promotion

Not having a website? Nothing to worry about. We will get it done from scratch – fully optimized by the latest standards.

We have put together one of the most efficient marketing teams on the market.

Not only do we have over 50 years of experience altogether, but we also have the right connections and licenses to promote your business.

Meet some of the customers who worked with us over the past few years.

Each customer is the most important one until the collaboration is over. Most of our reputation is based on word of mouth marketing and returning customers.

On and off site SEO

The website has grown to a top level overnight, leading result pages.

Website development and marketing

The website was created and optimized from zero with the latest requirements in mind.

Content marketing and lead generation

Content marketing has boosted the lead generation results in no time.

Boosting brand awareness

Although relatively unknown, the brand has become a top runner and a recognizable name.

What previous customers have to say about us

SEO Customer Jupiter X

My company was doing well in the offline environment. We had some constant local customers and our reputation was slowly growing. Once we got into digital marketing, our reputation exploded. Literally! We show up among the first results in search engines and we are hit with messages and requests from all directions. Thank you, AJ Systems!

Martin Clarkson
Director and co-founder
SEO Customer Jupiter X 2

We have never done right in the online, to be honest. While we had our website on each business card, we were never among top results in search engines. AJ Systems helped us reach organic customers, rather than just the people who we passed our business cards to. Our company has grown to a national level now.

John Bates
SEO Customer Jupiter X 3

Being a bit old fashioned, I have never imagined what professional digital marketing can do for a business. I thought my company was doing right, but I was so wrong – now I know what it means to have a good reputation and actually work extra hours to keep up with all the clients. Thank you very much, AJ Systems!

Lee Jones
Executive manager and director

We are up to date with the latest technologies and softwares in digital marketing.


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